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A Few Easy Steps

We have a quick and friendly process so you can stop stressing and get back to just living your life


1. Check your rate

Provide your information in a few minutes

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2. Apply

You’ll hear back from us within one business day

Debt Consolidation

3. Receive your funds

When your loan is approved we’ll deposit your money into your account

This DOES NOT affect your credit score

What can you use your loan for?

Grow Business

Grow your business

Next Trip

Take your next trip

Increase Profile

Build up your credit


Funds for an emergency

Life Events

Your big life events

All About Backers

If your credit score is a bit low, having a backer drastically increases your chances of being approved.
Actually, over 95% of applications with a backer are approved!


What is a backer?

A backer is a co-signer that helps you qualify for a Finjoy loan. Their income and credit history make it easier to approve your loan, as they pledge to make payments on your behalf if you’re unable to.


Do I need a backer?

With a healthy credit profile, you probably don’t need a backer. If you’re building your credit history, that’s all right too—it just means you’ll need a backer to help you qualify for the best Finjoy loan possible.


How do I find a backer?

Think of your backer as a safety net. So, when searching for one, you should look to someone in your family or a close friend that have a good credit history and is willing to co-sign with you.


To qualify for a loan you need to:

Be a resident of British Columbia

Have employment income

Provide us with a bank statement

Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have a work permit

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