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Improvement starts here

Thousands and thousands of Canadians can’t improve their financial situation because of poor credit profile. Buying a house, a car, or even getting a simple loan can be extremely hard.

People can have low credit score or no score at all because of different reasons, like:

Consumer proposal
New immigrants
If you find yourself in a situation like these, Credit Builder is the perfect tool for you

It’s all about credit score

Having low credit score means that banks and other lenders won’t give you the loan you need. And if they do, it’s probably going to cost you a lot in interest rates.

Improving your credit score doesn’t happen overnight. This is when our Credit Builder comes in: you build up your score by making small but consistent payments that will be reported as positive to credit bureaus.

And the best part is that all the payments you make will return to you in the end of the program. You’ll be saving money and building up your profile at the same time.

How Credit Builder Works

Credit Builder

Sign up for our Credit Builder

We deposit your loan in a secure account and arrange affordable payments that work for you

Improve Profile

Every payment improves your credit

You start making payments on your loan and we report them to credit bureaus, which helps improve your credit

Savings Score

End up with better credit and savings

The funds in the secure account are released to you and you now have savings, and an improved credit profile

Quick and transparent

Fast and easy processing

Complete applications can be approved within a day

Flexible and affordable

Up to $10,000, 1 to 3 years term, and interest as low as 12%

No surprises

No out-of-pocket fees. Pre-payments can be made anytime without penalties

Start building your future now!

This DOES NOT affect your credit score

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