Tips for Affordable Prom

Money-Saving Tips for an Affordable Prom

Prom season is right around the corner!

Did you know Canadian households with teenagers plan to spend an average of $500 on prom?

Prom is a big deal for teenagers, but that being said, parents shouldn’t have to break the bank for this event.

Here are our Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for an Affordable Prom:
Affordable Prom Tip

1. Skip the salon, and stop by a local beauty school or hairdressing academy instead

Let’s face it — blowouts and up-dos at salons are expensive. There are tons of eager students at local beauty schools and hairdressing academies that would love the opportunity to make your child look beautiful for prom… at a fraction of the price. Their work is overseen by professional instructors as well, so no need to worry about hair catastrophes!

Affordable Prom

2. Visit local bridal or dress boutiques

Sometimes small local bridal boutiques will cut you a deal during prom season. Go straight towards the clearance rack and look for the most casual bridesmaid dresses.

Affordable Prom

3. Make your own corsages/boutonnieres

Instead of going to the florist, get your flowers from the grocery store! The flowers will look just as nice. Plus, why spend a small fortune on something that will only last for one night?

Affordable Prom

4. Get your makeup done for free at a department store

Stop by a makeup counter at your local department store for a free makeup application (though typically, you’ll be expected to buy a piece of makeup). Just make sure to book an appointment in advance, as other girls may be in on this tip as well!

Affordable Prom

5. If you see a nice suit, buy it

You’re probably wondering, “I thought this post was about saving money?” Surprisingly, sometimes it actually costs less to buy a suit (vs. renting one). Plus, your child will probably need to wear a suit for formal events down the road, so you’re actually saving every time they wear the suit!

Last words…

Prom is an excellent opportunity to show your child what it means to be financially responsible. Set a budget, and let your child know that they’ll be paying the difference if the expenses exceed your target amount. It’s never too early to introduce good money habits!

Do you have other prom money-saving tips for other parents? Share with us in the comments below!