Financial Goals

Financial goals to be grateful for

Needless to say, 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for many. With goals and plans upended, you may be feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, particularly with your financials. If you feel like you are not where you are supposed to be financially, consider taking a step back and reassessing your situation. You may not have met all your financial goals, but if you are doing some or all of the following, maybe you are not doing so bad after all:

1. You are able to pay for your basic necessities like housing, utilities, bills, groceries etc.
2. You have a budget and a rough idea of how much you earn and spend each month
3. You spend less than you earn on most months
4. You have control over your spending habits
5. You can afford to treat yourself and your family occasionally
6. You are able to contribute regularly to a savings or retirement plan, even if it is a small amount
7. You have an emergency fund, or you have started building one
8. You have a support system to fall back on
9. You are aware of your debts and liabilities and are working towards paying them off
10. You have started to learn more about finances and increase your financial literacy

Research has shown that gratitude can play an important role in reducing stress. Being grateful and celebrating smaller successes will help you in staying positive and motivated to achieve your bigger goals.

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