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5 Ways to Make Money Talks Fun with your Partner

A Money Magazine survey found that 70% of couples argue about money. Let’s face it, talking to your significant other about money can be more than just uncomfortable and awkward; for many couples, it can become a downright battle. However, having open, honest, and consistent communication with your partner about finances is the most crucial step towards achieving a healthy financial future for your family. Below are some ways to get the conversation going:

1. Start with the fun part

Set financial goals together. When you’re on the same page it makes money decisions easier to navigate. Don’t dive right into a “money talk” that’s all about spreadsheets and budgets and paying your bills — that’s a recipe to just stress both of you out. Instead, start with a broader conversation about your financial goals. Sit down and talk about your values and what your plans are when it comes to money. Do you want to buy a house? What type of lifestyle do you want to live? Then, create realistic goals you both can live by.

2. Review your financial realities

If you and your partner live together, or are making plans for a future together, then it’s a good idea to bare it all financially. Specifically, sit down and review your accounts and bills. We all have different relationships with money and varying values. For money conversations to be effective, we must practice compassion and acceptance of ourselves and our partners. Really listen, ask questions, and understand your partner’s experience with money.

Money Talks

3. Commit to Open and Honest Communication

While it’s important to understand money basics, it’s also critical to remember you and your partner are both individuals, with different perspectives on what’s important. You and your partner are both growing, but you’re still an individual. So, make it a point to ask, “How can we make this work with and for each other?” Focus on a couple of goals and then map out how you’re going to get there together.

4. Set aside a time to talk

Prior to any major life change or commitment, such as moving in together, getting married, or starting a family, it’s critical that both parties are on the same page financially. Since money can be a sensitive topic for many people, it’s important that you don’t blindside your partner.

5. Don’t play the blame game

Whether it’s taking on too much debt, overspending, or not keeping up with bill payments, remember that everyone makes mistakes with money. Rather than pointing the finger at your partner, find problem areas and address them as something that “we” need to work on “together,” not as something the individual needs to fix on their own.

Consistent, open, and honest communication with your honey about money will help you get on the same page, work as a team, and build a stable and successful financial future together.

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